Lostine Cattle Company Beef Program


Our 2020 Harvest is SOLD OUT

We offer our beef only by the whole or half beef. When purchasing this way, you are able to receive multiple beef cuts in one shipment, offering greater savings as well as the convenience of a having healthy and delicious beef available in your home anytime. We are more than happy to set up split orders if you would like to share with friends or family members. To place an order, please send us an email at info@lostinecattlecompany.com. 

What to Expect when buying beef in large formats

Because you are investing in a live animal, we sell it by the hanging weight or the total weight of the beef once it arrives at the butcher, before the dry aging and cut out process. Once your beef is dry aged for up to 28 days, butchered, cryo-vacuum packaged, and frozen, you will have approximately 55%-60% of the hanging weight in packaged cuts. You are responsible for covering the cost of the butcher, but we will manage all of the processing for you and put the charges on your Lostine Cattle Company invoice.

Whole Beef

  • Whole beef average hanging weight - 660lbs
  • $3.55/lb hanging weight + butchering costs
  • Butchering costs are approximately $690
  • A deposit of $500.00 is required to reserve your beef

Half Beef

  • Half beef average hanging weight - 330lbs
  • $5.00/lb hanging weight + butchering costs
  • Butchering costs are approximately $345
  • A deposit of $250 is required to reserve your beef


Our recommended cut out contains the following cuts and specifics. However, we would be glad to work with you to customize your butchering. Please keep in mind, these are averages and will vary based on the hot hanging weight of your beef.

  • All steaks will be cut to 1 ½” thickness
  • Roasts will be 3 pounds to 3.5 pounds
  • All ground beef will be in 1.0 pound packages

Disclaimers:  Portion weights are as close as possible but may not be exact. 
Package quantities are an average and will vary based on the hanging weight of each cow.

Please contact us directly to determine your shipping options. We will notify you via email 72 hours prior to your shipping or delivery date, finalizing the details of your order and confirming shipping address. All your beef will be individually cut, wrapped, frozen, and boxed.  We recommend that you return your beef to your freezer immediately.

Tri-Cities and Spokane

Please contact us to learn about your delivery options.


Seattle & Portland Delivery

Specific delivery dates avaliable. More information on this selection will be provided after butchering. 

Delivery Fee: $50


Seattle & Portland Shipping

If you choose to recieve your beef via UPS Next Day Air, the approximate costs are provided below:

Whole: $450           Half: $250


Walla Walla Pickups

Customers may plan to pick up their beef in Walla Walla, free of charge. We will contact you to set up a date and time to pick up your beef.



When you order grass-fed beef from Lostine Cattle Company you can be assured of receiving an ultra-premium beef experience. We believe passionately in the quality, sustainability, and pedigree of this product and feel there couldn’t be a finer choice for beef for you and your family.

Lostine beef is raised in the pristine Wallowa Valley in Eastern Oregon, where our Scottish Highland cows are allowed to graze freely on a superb grass mixture pasture for their entire lives. They are never fed hormones or antibiotics. We harvest at a natural maturity age of 28-36 months, which intensifies the flavor and the quality of the beef.

Our cows are humanely harvested and dry aged for 28 days prior to being processed. The meat is then cryo-vacuum packaged and immediately frozen to ensure freshness.


about this program, delivery to your area, pick up options or to place your reservation please send us an email at info@lostinecattlecompany.com.  We will work with you at that time to finalize all of the details for your order and arrange delivery or shipment. You will be required to specify the following when placing your order.

  • Whether you will be purchasing a half or whole beef.
  • Your contact information.
  • Other household(s) participating in the order along with names, addresses, and cell phone numbers.
  • A check for the deposit amount, due at the time your order is placed. The remaining balance will be due prior to your beef delivery date.

We offer a split shipping option if freezer space is a concern.

Your beef may be picked up in Walla Walla, during a set appointment time, free of charge.