A Note from Chris Figgins

The Genesis of Lostine Cattle Company began a very long time ago.  Perhaps it was one too many episodes of Bonanza, but since I was a very young boy I have had the dream of one day becoming a cattle rancher!  I never knew how or if, this dream would be fulfilled.  It’s not so much that I imagined riding the range with Hoss and Little Joe, but rather emulating the way in which the Cartwright’s carried out their business with such honesty and integrity as they worked with nature that resonated with me.  Throw in the requisite adventures and battles with the bad guys; frankly the lure was just too much!  So there the dream sat and fermented for two decades as one of those gnawing ideas that haunts and inspires men.

Some twenty years later a trifecta of serendipitous events came together (in addition to the inspiration of reading of Omnivores Dilemma on vacation a few years ago) that has made my dream a reality.  To begin with, as my family winery, Leonetti Cellar, has become the industry leader in practicing sustainable viticulture, we have gained tremendous expertise related to farming and techniques focusing on soil biology.  Through my hands-on viticulture education, I was introduced to a man by the name of Dr. Dan Skow, a world renowned veterinarian who demonstrated that the same biological farming methods we use in our vineyards can have astonishing results on grass-fed pasture raised livestock.  Around this same timeframe, my father and I purchased a pristine cattle ranch in the heart of Oregon’s Wallowa Valley – which is a sister valley to Walla Walla located on the other side of the Blue Mountains.  We are thrilled to have our cattle grazing on the same grasses the Nez Perce used to winter their legendary Appaloosa horses.

Lostine Cattle Company is founded on the same principals as all of the Figgins Family Wine Estate brands: growing, producing and marketing wine and food of world class quality, sustainability and pedigree.  To that end, the goal of Lostine Cattle Company is to take our sustainable, estate winegrowing philosophies and apply them to growing beef and offering it directly to our customers.

I believe passionately in the quality, sustainability, and pedigree of this product.  Furthermore, as our culture gains an integral desire to understand the source of our food and how the choices we make today impact our personal health and the health of the environment for the future, I believe there couldn’t be a finer choice for beef.  It is the only beef I will feed to my own family. Please enjoy it in good health with a great bottle of wine and let us and others know your thoughts about your Lostine Cattle Company experience.


Chris Figgins
President & Winemaking Director
Figgins Family Wine Estates