Grass-Fed Beef 

HEALTH Benefits

The health benefits of grass-fed beef are so well documented that I would encourage you to research a bit on your own or view my recommendations on our resources page. Our beef is far healthier for your family than feed lot, corn-finished beef. We never use hormones or antibiotics. Our beef is higher in Omega 3’s and CLA’s, and lower in fat, thus lower in calories. It is also far healthier for the environment.

I began Lostine Cattle Company out of a passion for creating the highest quality beef possible – as with our wines – I truly believe that goal is only attainable and enjoyable when done in a sustainable manner. I even encourage you to research other beef companies’ products. You will see many companies trying to market their product as the “real thing” – the many phrases you will see are “all natural”, “all vegetarian diet”, “born and raised on grass pasture”. All of these products are basically rebranded feedlot animals finished on corn, inhumanely, in a feedlot.

TASTE the Difference

Grass-fed beef tastes different - that's a good thing... We believe passionately in the quality, sustainability, and pedigree of our product. 

Tasting Notes:

Grass-fed beef is often described as “how beef used to taste” – before modern-day processing techniques changed the flavor and texture of naturally raised beef. Lostine Cattle Company beef is tender and juicy with great mouth texture. It has a full-body beef flavor that is clean, rich and savory making it a perfect complement to full bodied red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon.