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The Lostine River Valley

Our beef are raised in the exquisite, pristine Wallowa Valley. We could not imagine a more perfect place to raise beef from a terroir standpoint. As fate would have it, the grass here is so good, that it is the very foundation for why the Nez Perce Indians became some of the finest horsemen in the west as they bred their Appaloosa horses in this very valley. That same nutrient rich, high protein grass is what nourishes Lostine Cattle Company Highland Cattle today.

The Family Who Brought You Leonetti Cellar Brings You Grass-Fed Beef

Chris Figgins, President & Director of Winemaking for Figgins Family Wine Estates (pictured left) applies his sustainable estate-winegrowing practices to raise all natural grass-fed beef. "Through winemaking at Leonetti Cellar, I’ve gained comprehensive soil, biological and organic knowledge – principles that apply directly to grass, and therefore to animal health,” said Figgins.  “Just as we have the finest estate vineyards for our wines, we also have the finest grass “terroir” in the West for our cattle. Our goal is to provide a “whole table” experience that our customers can trust to be the very best in quality and sustainability."

Summer Grilling!

Summer is the perfect season to throw some of our grass-fed beef on the grill! Check out some of our fun recipes for barbecuing like Jamaican Jerked Tri-Tip, Grilled Flank Steak with Mushrooms, and Skirt Steak with Vietnamese Salad.